National VISION ZERO Strategy

Work-related accidents, commuting accidents and occupational diseases cause considerable human and family tragedies. In addition, the socio-economic impact of these on companies and society is substantial. All accidents are preventable and no risk is acceptable in the workplace. Every euro invested in prevention has beneficial effects for companies, employees and society. The only acceptable goal can only be the VISION ZERO, i.e. zero deaths, zero serious injuries. A safe and healthy workplace is a common will and a shared responsibility between the government, companies, employees, social partners and all stakeholders.

National VISION ZERO Strategy 2023 – 2030

Since 2016, VISION ZERO has focused on a strategy to prevent work related accidents, commuting accidents and occupational diseases. This strategy reflects the joint commitment of the national partners to revitalise occupational health and safety and to mobilise all stakeholders, both employers and employees. VISION ZERO does not mean that the risk at work will become zero, but that potential sources of risk will have to be reduced as much as possible in order to avoid accidents, especially serious and fatal ones. VISION ZERO is a continuous improvement process that aims to increase the awareness and training of employees to behave in a safe and responsible manner by calling on the leadership of company managers.

Given the importance of this topic, the initiators of the VISION ZERO have decided to continue the efforts in the field of occupational health and safety and to make special efforts in the risk sectors. The presentation of this new phase of the VISION ZERO and its objectives for 2023 – 2030 took place during the 15th Occupational Health and Safety Forum organised by the AAA, UEL and INDR on 26 October 2022.

Institutional partners and companies are encouraged to subscribe to the national VISION ZERO strategy, supported by the Government

National Objectives 2023 – 2030

  • A 20% reduction in the national frequency rate of accidents at work, all sectors combined, compared to 2019 (3.71%), by directing a particular effort at risk sectors through the implementation of a set of more targeted actions
  • Continued decrease in the number of serious and fatal accidents

Initial National Charter 2016 – 2022 and its review

Since 2003, the Association d’assurance accident (AAA) and the Union des Entreprises Luxembourgeoises (UEL) have been working together to combat work-related accidents, commuting accidents and occupational diseases. On the initiative of the AAA, the UEL and the INDR, the national VISION ZERO strategy was presented in 2016 at the 10th edition of the Occupational Health and Safety Forum. The initiators, six ministries and three national trade unions, signed the National Charter marking the launch of the strategy and acknowledging their shared individual and collective responsibility.

A mid-term review for the period 2016-2021 was carried out and communicated to the various stakeholders. The result is that the development of VISION ZERO at national level has already borne fruit: as proof, the commitment of more than 230 companies since the launch of the strategy and the implementation of various awareness-raising measures and concrete actions by the various players. This has resulted in a promising 15% reduction in the accident frequency rate in 2019. Because of the pandemic, 2020 was an exceptional year. From a statistical point of view, this year should be discarded because the multiple confinements and the massive use of teleworking do not allow an adequate evaluation of the achievement of the objectives. Below you will find an infographic and a detailed presentation of the mid-term review of VISION ZERO (2016 – 2022).

Initiators with the support of the government

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