National strategy VISION ZERO

The VISION ZERO strategy calls for a common and inclusive approach in order to decrease the number and the severity of work and commuting accidents as well as occupational diseases in Luxembourg. It expresses the national partners’ common ambition to reinvigorate occupational health and safety and to mobilise all relevant stakeholders in terms of employers and employees. “VISION ZERO” does not mean that risk at work is non-existent, but that the potential sources of risk must be reduced to a minimum.

The National Charter

By signing the National VISION ZERO charter on 24th March 2016 at the occupational health and safety forum, the national partners took a strong stance by declaring their shared responsibility in promoting occupational health and safety, including commuting accidents and occupational diseases. The main themes are responsibility, prevention and training at every level of the company.
This charter expresses the national partners’ common ambition to implementing action plans to promote, coordinate and reinvigorate occupational health and safety, by pursuing the following objectives in the timeline 2016-2022:

  • Raising awareness to the advantages of a systematic approach to health and safety at work among decision makers, occupational health and safety officers and more generally all employees and actors involved
  • Decrease the frequency rate of work-related accidents by 20% across all sectors compared to 2014 (frequency rate of 5.37 %) with a strong focus on high-risk sectors
  • The medium and long-term VISION ZERO strategy is to steadily reduce the number of serious and fatal accidents, namely zero killed and zero severely injured

Mid-term review of VISION ZERO 2016 – 2021

Signatories of the national charter

The national charter was signed by six ministries, three national trade unions and the initiators of VISION ZERO.


National trade unions

Initiators of the VISION ZERO


National Charter

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