VISION ZERO campaign

Launched in June 2017, the VISION ZERO media campaign is a national prevention campaign for work-related and commuting accidents. Occupational health and safety concerns everyone. The media campaign is aimed at employees, young workers, future workers and the general public, but it also addresses CEOs and executive managers. The goal is to make companies aware of and encourage them to commit themselves to occupational health and safety by implementing a culture of prevention. Companies can also commit to VISION ZERO.

Testimonials of a work-related / commuting accident

The campaign concept focuses on real situations and strong messages. It presents real victims of work-related accidents. This is not about shocking people, but about challenging and informing them so as to raise their awareness, mobilise them, and make them more accountable. By granting the campaign real voices and faces, the witnesses’ experience touches people’s hearts and raises their awareness to the risks they face at work.

Campaign 2018

Campaign 2017

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