VISION ZERO media campaign

A commuting accident can be…AVOIDED!

The second wave of the cross-media campaign in autumn 2023 will focus on commuting accidents and accidents at work on the way to and from work. The aim of the campaign is to encourage the various players involved to make a commitment to occupational and commuter health and safety.

The concept of this new wave of the campaign is to list the consequences of a commuting accident, whether on the way to work or during a work-related trip. The posters explain the aim of the VISION ZERO strategy: “A commuting accident can be avoided, together, through a culture of prevention.”

A work-related accident…AVOIDED!

The re-launch of the cross-media campaign in autumn 2021 is intended to encourage the various actors concerned to commit themselves to occupational health and safety. The campaign targets each sector of economic activity to achieve the national objective of reducing the national frequency rate of work-related accidents by 20%. The aim is also to increase the number of companies adhering to the VISION ZERO by encouraging companies to implement all the measures required to improve health and safety at work and to increase their visibility through various media.

The concept of this “new” campaign is to list the consequences of a work-related accident in three exemplary sectors: construction, industry and administration. The spots are suggestive and explain the aim of VISION ZERO: “A work-related accident can be avoided, together, through a culture of prevention.”

Press release – Re-launch of the cross-media campaign VISION ZERO

We would like to thank Lazzara T. Constructions S.à r.l. and Alipa Group, two companies that are very committed to occupational health and safety and have been awarded the “Sécher & Gesond mat System” and “Entreprise responsable (ESR)” labels. Indeed, these companies allowed us to carry out the filming and shooting in a real working environment by making one of their sites or their premises available. During the preparation and filming, these companies were always available to the filming team to make it possible to produce spots that correspond to the concept of the new campaign.


Testimonials of a work-related / commuting accident

The cross-media campaign was first launched in June 2017. The VISION ZERO campaign is a national campaign for the prevention of work-related and commuting accidents. Everyone is concerned about health and safety at work, so the campaign is aimed at the general public (employees, young workers, future workers), but it also addresses CEOs and executive managers. The aim is for companies to become aware of and committed to occupational health and safety by establishing a culture of prevention. Companies can also join VISION ZERO.

The concept of the campaign revolves around real situations and strong messages. The campaign shows real people who have been victims of work-related accidents or on the way to work. The aim is not to shock, but to challenge and inform, to raise awareness, to make people responsible, and to mobilize. By giving the campaign real faces and voices, the witnesses’ experiences touch people and make them more aware of the risks they face.

We would like to thank the three witnesses Cindy, Josy and Pedro who shared their stories to raise awareness.

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