Safe commute campaign

The initiators of VISION ZERO are committed to health and safety at work, including on the road. The AAA has also signed up to the European Road Safety Charter.

The safe commute campaign “TRAJET, sécurisons-le!“ is designed in 12 modules addressing different themes that can usefully be promoted within businesses, e.g. at a rate of one module per quarter or at a pace chosen by the business. The campaign serves as a tool to inform and raise awareness among employees about adopting responsible road safety behaviour and to help reduce human losses on the roads.

Cindy is a victim of a road accident. Discover her experience

The 12 modules of the campaign

Why? For who? How?
Before you start the engine
The physical condition of the driver
Harmful substances
Driving at suitable speed
Securing cargo
Motorised two-wheelers
Vulnerable road users
Points-based driving licence
Special equipment