Forum de la sécurité et de la santé au travail 2019

The 13th edition of the Occupational Health and Safety Forum saw a full house on 27 March at the Chamber of Commerce, with the participation of Romain Schneider, minister of Social Security, and Tom Oberweis, Vice-President of UEL and INDR and Chairman of the Chamber of Trades. The VISION ZERO witnesses actively took part in the Forum.

A growing number of companies understand their responsibility and more than 170 have so far joined VISION ZERO. Developments at the national level were presented as well as best practices of committed companies, existing procedures and standards on work-related health, safety, and wellbeing as well as corporate social responsibility. Tralux Constructions showcased its project C.A.P.S. – Compagnon Acteur de la Prévention et de la Sécurité (prevention and safety fellow actor) as it was rewarded with the National Health and Safety Award in 2018 in the safety category for businesses with more than 50 employees. Besides, the Hospital Centre of the North, a company committed to VISION ZERO, outlined its action plan and shared a best practice on preventing psychosocial risks.

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27 March 2019

Chambre du Commerce

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